Our shop on the Big Green stocks Polperro’s largest selection of old fashioned confectionery and biscuits.
Traditional sweets from yesteryear including handmade Cornish fudge, biscuits, clotted cream shortbread, Polperro lettered seaside rock, kiddies sweets, lollypops and a great choice of pick 'n' mix. We also have a wide range of jams, marmalades and pickles.
Step back in time and see our huge range of Sweetie Jars. Yes we still serve our sweeties the old fashioned way by the scoop from nearly 100 jars. Sweet memories! Remember the days when you wanted to spend all your pocket money on sweeties? Well now you can in Cornish Goodness. Polperro's premier one stop old fashioned confectionery and gift shop.
We often hear the comment “I haven’t seen those for years”. Rhubarb and Custard, Pear Drops, Aniseed Balls, Army and Navy, Tea Cakes, Sweet Tobacco, Cough Candy... You really must try our clotted cream bon bons.
We also stock an excellent range of sugar free..... chocolates, boiled sweets, lollypops, jams and biscuits.

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